The Noise Flash Diversionary Device Instructor Recertification Course is a train the trainer course designed to refresh participants with noise flash diversionary devices (NFDD).  Topics to be covered include history of diversionary devices, definitions, and nomenclature, legal aspects of diversionary devices, policy issues, preparation and deployment of diversionary devices, and practical application.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to understand and describe:

  • History of Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDD)
  • Specific Definitions
  • Nomenclature
  • Legal Aspects of Diversionary Devices
  • Tactics involving Noise Flash Diversionary Devices
  • Deployment Concerns
  • NFDD Policy Issues
  • Preparation and Deployment of Diversionary Devices


David Pearson is a Lieutenant with Fort Collins Police Services in Colorado and is currently the Commander of the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force. He has been with Fort Collins since 1995 and has been a police officer since 1990. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1998 and then to Lieutenant in 2011. As a sergeant he held a collateral duty assignment as a team leader on the FCPS SWAT team. During his career, Lt. Pearson has provided instruction in Defensive Tactics, Tactical Firearms, Mobile Field Force, Incident Command, Active Shooter, and High-Risk Patrol Tactics. Since 2005, Lt. Pearson has been an instructor with the NTOA and is the current Less Lethal Section Chair. During his time with the NTOA he has provided instruction in Less Lethal technology, FSDDs, and chemical agents; Basic/Advanced SWAT tactics; Civil Disturbance; Active Shooter Tactics, and the SWAT Team Leader Development course. Lt. Pearson has been awarded the Medal of Valor for actions in both patrol and SWAT. He also was awarded a Life-Saving medal for actions during a major flood.







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