Tactical Command Certification
The blended learning program incorporates leadership concepts, theories and models and applies them to the role of the Tactical Commander and Team Leader. This intensive three-tier certification program prepares students to anticipate and manage current and future challenges facing their team, agencies and communities.
Leadership Principles
The comprehensive Learning Modules focus on contemporary leadership principles and concepts such as Transformational, Servant and Tactical Leadership; Motivation, Strategic Planning and Change Management; Communication and Ethical Decision-Making.
The intensive three-phase program directs and challenges students to plan and learn to make decisions at the Tactical, Operational and Strategic level. They will engage in the analysis and planning of dynamic tactical situations and apply current leadership principles considering the effects on all stakeholders.

About Us

The NTOA Academy in partnership with the National Command & Staff College is a dynamic 562-Hours of Tactical, Operational and Strategic Leadership learning experience.  It provides online, resident and experience-based tactical learning modules to introduce new concepts, refine tactical team members’ understanding of application, and then use those skills to resolve some of the most complex, challenging and high-risk incidents involving their communities. The curriculum is based on best practices and designed to ensure that graduates are prepared to meet the dynamic challenges of modern policing.

Accountability | Decision-Making | Leadership | Professionalism

The NTOA prides itself in providing quality training and focused education to the tactical law enforcement community. We are acutely aware of the challenges facing our profession today and believe that we have a moral obligation to expand our training and educational opportunities to meet the growing demand for contemporary knowledge and skills. The NTOA Academy provides all law enforcement personnel access to a learning environment designed to ensure they receive the most contemporary information and skills necessary for applying the gained knowledge. It is the most robust education and certification program available to law enforcement to date. This endeavor is in keeping with the NTOA’s goal of providing an avenue for a continuum of training and education of the highest quality.

2017 GRADUATES:  NTOA Command College – Tactical Leadership Module Graduates

  • Officer Ken Kollmann, Lacey PD, WA
  • Msgt. Glenn Gordon, USAF
  • Lt. Drew Leblanc, Lafayette Parrish SO, LA
  • Sgt. Jeffrey Brown, Aston PD, PA
  • Lt. Michael Reiss, Redlands PD, CA
  • Lt. Anthony Kies, Muscatine PD, IA
  • Sgt. Adam McCambridge, Fort Collins PD, CO
  • Cpl. Wayne Griffin, Lafayette Parrish SO, LA
  • Lt. David Allen, Okaloosa SO, FL