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      mmWayne Griffin

      One of the leadership challenges that agencies face these days are leaders that fail to continue to educate themselves, because “they know it all”. This is the worst thing that can happen. The individuals that are in charge need to continue to educate themselves because the law enforcement world is ever changing.

      Another leadership challenge that agencies face is retention of good police officers. Everyone has to deal with budget and budget cuts. It is getting more and more difficult for departments to keep well trained veteran officers. They are either leaving to go other places for better pay and benefits, or just leaving the entire profession all together because the pay and benefits aren’t enough for the things today’s police officer has to deal with.

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      Anthony Kies

      Agencies around my area tend to face the challenge of keeping moral at a high level which in turn does affect retention. However, we tend to see that we fight a generational age gap in which our leaders and subordinates are on two different playing fields. This in ability to educate themselves as leaders to better understand the generation gap is creating a big problem in agencies around this area. The they need to just deal with it mentality isn’t working any longer and there has to be a happy medium with our direction as not to enable poor behavior, rather be able to communicate with the younger generation to ensure we are keeping moral as high as possible. There is a fine line as well between the administration and the inability to deal with problem personnel in fear of moral repercussion.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      I believe there are many leadership challenges agencies face today. The political atmosphere and anti-law enforcement news coverage make police administration a minefield to work in. It takes a special effort on the part of leaders to be able to navigate politics and still be able to support the men and women who are out there doing a difficult job. adjusting leadership styles in order to effectively lead several generations of officers who at times learn, think and react differently than we may be accustomed to. The leaders who are not able to adjust will not effectively be able to bridge the gap to communicate and get the best possible performance out of their personnel.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      Challenges for us have been retaining good quality people. There are many reasons for individuals not wanting to get into police work these days. Between the political environment and professional environment within departments, people are looking at jobs in the private sector. Leaders who put media relations ahead of their people soon find themselves alone and have to find a way to balance their efforts.

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      Max Yakovlev

      For now with COVID-19 issues our challenge is how to stay connected with department members and how to keep up on training. Going to a different patrol schedule, investigators working from home and most training internal and outside have been cancelled. At some point we need to figure out a way to train officers and keep up with members of the PD.

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      mmChris Eklund

      I would say the biggest challenge being faced by agency leaders today is ensuring anyone outside of command staff knows they have support. Agency leaders are faced publicly with ensuring the communities feel they are being heard and understood. In doing so, leaders may make their officers think they have been abandoned. Unfortunately, the press has a huge influence on this. Even leaders who show strong support for their officers risk the media turning it into something to further hurt the agency. There is unfortunately a continuing agenda politically that is fueled by the media. These agendas make it difficult for leaders to appease both sides of what may be conflicting ideas.

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      Jon Thompson

      Even before the current political climate of 2020, I think one of the biggest challenges in LE leadership has been having fortitude to say “no” in the correct situations. We as LE leaders have over-promised what our officers can do but they are simply being over-tasked. Two examples are the issues with both mental health and the homeless. These contacts, at least in my jurisdiction, more often than not do not involve a violation of law but the public expects the police to solve the issue overnight. While there are tie-in’s to these issues and crime overall (fir instance, more homeless in this area leads to an increase in property crime), upper leadership needs to educate the political leadership as to when a police response is not the right answer.

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      Jesse Laintz

      What Leadership Challenges Agencies Face These Days?

      There are a lot of topics to talk about here, so I am going to go a little different here with change. Tactical teams and law enforcement agencies work in a constantly changing environment. New laws are created every year. New case law is released on almost a daily basis. Evolving trends in crime and the way they are committed, especially as technology expands and develops require new strategies to combat against them. The public’s perception of crime is heavily influenced by the media and is ever changing. Not to mention the financial and political issues that affect agencies and can only be considered stable at best, for very brief periods of time. These changes affect the law enforcement agency, its personnel, the community and the government. Because of these constant inconsistencies law enforcement agencies must begin to think, act and learn strategically. They must utilize this insight and develop effective strategies to adjust to the changing environment. Agencies must create a process for implementation and adaptation of these strategies. To accomplish this, coalitions within the system should be established that are structured enough to adopt these strategies and ensure their implementation, which will ultimately create public value.

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