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      mmDrew Leblanc

      Leadership is something that sets us apart from everyone else. The definition of leadership can change, but the context that it is used can be the same. Leadership is making the people around you better because of your skill set. Allowing those around you to prosper because of your tutelage is what leadership is about. Making the right decisions for the right reasons are important in leadership. Understanding that your decisions need to be for the betterment of your people will propel your leadership abilities. Stay humble, make the decision, put people first.

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      Adam McCambridge

      Leadership is the ability to see/understand a goal or vision, and engage people to effectively fulfill that goal/vision.

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      mmWayne Griffin

      I believe leadership is the ability to bring together a group of individuals to accomplish a common task or goal. Good leaders have to be timely with their decision making. A good leader knows that there is a time to listen and a time to lead. Some of the best ideas may come from listening to their subordinates. I think praise should always be given to an individual that constructs a great idea, and the leader should take blame when things don’t work out as planned.

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      Anthony Kies

      I believe that leadership is a skill that can be taught, however you must have some form of passion for people to be able to achieve this skill. Leadership is the ability to do the right things at any given time while looking out for the person or organization at hand. Leadership is what makes an organization go from average to great and it is ultimately what will control the outcome of employee’s within an organization form poor or great leadership.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      Leadership is the ability to get people to do things they don’t necessarily want to do. Great leaders use their powers of persuasion and inspiration to get their people moving toward a goal. I have been exposed to some excellent leaders and some that were not so good. A great leader will inspire his team willingly go into harms way to accomplish a mission. The best leaders I have known were willing to bear the burden and share the risk by leading from the front.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      Leadership is the ability to inspire others toward a common goal. There are many leadership styles, but the goal of leadership is still the same, accomplishment of the mission. Some leaders show natural ability and others must depend on training and experience to develop into competent and confident leaders.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      Leadership is setting an example of integrity and love for others. There should be a desire to serve others in humility and take care of problems that come up appropriately.

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      mmChris Eklund

      Leadership is in fact influencing others to do things they may not normally do. This is done by building a trust between leader and subordinate that suggest decisions made are the right decisions. If there are questions, the leader must be willing to address these and provide a true understanding of why those decisions may have been made as well as be open to other ideas that may influence the initial decision.

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      Max Yakovlev

      To me Leadership is a mindset in action. Leadership isn’t something that anyone can give you. You have to earn it and claim it for yourself.

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      Adam Bradford

      I believe Leadership is the ability to convey a message and accomplish the mission in the most efficient manner. The ability to manage numerous different personalities, be receptive to your subordinates, and their criticism. A leader, in my opinion, needs to possess the ability to follow. Without the ability to follow, a leader will fail.

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      Jon Thompson

      The definition I most relate to is the ability to get either an individual or a group of people focused on a common goal and achieving that goal, despite obstacles or questions, or even doubts as to the likelihood to succeed in that goal. Good followership is, in my opinion, the best indicator of good leadership.

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      Jesse Laintz

      What is your Definition of Leadership?

      I am going to steal Colin Powell’s definition because I think it gets down to foundation of what leadership is. “Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.”

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      Thomas Carroll

      Leadership is defined through actions. Set the example you want others to follow. Be present with those you lead and be sure to keep them informed. Avoid being a keyboard warrior trying to lead through email. It doesn’t work.

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      mmShawn Wilson


      Leadership requires courage. We can teach people the principles of leadership but without courage those people will never be followed, admired, or listened to. I am not defining courage as running into a machine gun but applying it to the day to day decision making that occurs for a leader. Difficult decisions are made daily. These decisions need to be based on absolute integrity and are often times difficult. This requires courage.

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      Lance Bolinger

      I agree with Jesse’s Post from above, and I actually have Colin Powell’s Speech saved onto my shortcuts. Leadership is about Trust. If you haven’t watched the video you should, if your people trust you they will follow your direction, offer input where needed, and support you in your endeavor as they understand and trust that your interests support their interests. They understand we are stronger together operating as a team.

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