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      mmWayne Griffin

      The Apollo 13 Director implemented numerous hours of training to ensure that this type of incident what not happen again. If the incident did occur again, astronauts had a protocol that they could use to remedy the issue. Engineers were able to learn to power up the command module after its long, cold sleep. New standard operating procedures were constructed in a short period of time by flight controllers.

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      Anthony Kies

      The Director of Apollo 13 in my opinion, already knew what his limitations were and started using his resources and the entire team to develop a plan to fix the problem. The Director was very analytical with his thinking process and knew he had to figure how to solve the problem rather than focus on who or what caused the problem. The Director was very clear on his expectations and power was the main concern of his issue once this was brought to his attention.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      The director called upon his staff to use all of their resources to attempt to discover what the actual problem was. With the information from the mission commander that there was a gas leaking from the craft, the staff was able to pinpoint the issue and get to the root of the problem. They were then able to call upon their collective resources to come up with a fix to the problem.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      The director knew his people, gave them everything they needed to succeed, and then convinced them they would. His calmness and demeanor provided confidence to his team which resulted in success.

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      Jon Thompson

      The director knew his staff, their limitations and area of expertise but was able to motivate them past those self-imposed limitations so that they could achieve the mission f bringing the module home, despite an initial lack of confidence in the mission success.

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      mmChris Eklund

      The director had the confidence and influence on his staff to continue to drill down into the problems and create valid solutions.

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      Thomas Carroll

      The director empowered his staff to frame the problem and fix a solution to it.

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      Jesse Laintz

      What did the Apollo 13 Director do to get to the root of the Problem?

      There was a before and after involving what the Apollo 13 Director did to work on getting to the root of the problem. The before was by the training that was used to combat the unexpected. After the incident, the director knew his people, trusted his people, and help give them what they needed to succeed.

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