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      mmWayne Griffin

      Once the oxygen tank exploded and the second tank failed, the Apollo 13 Commander made a decision to abandon the command module. All three astronauts moved to the lunar module which was not intended for all three men. The lunar module was designated to land on the moon, but after the explosion the mission changed.

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      Anthony Kies

      I guess I’m a bit confused as to who we are speaking with to be the the Commander, however if referring to Tom Hanks as the Commander he made the decision to immediately start implementing protocols to identify what the problem was in the actual unit he was in control of. Hanks also took upon to start identifying problems and relaying them with Houston so they were in the known on what was taking place inside the pit of the unit. This allowed all team members to be in involved in the decision making process to start developing a plan.

      Who would refer to as the Director back at Houston is who absolutely took it upon himself to start figuring out how he was going to get the men back to safety which was home. This was explained with a group of individuals from the team and allowed for several people’s input.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      The first thing the commander had to do was to determine what the root of the problem was. It was obvious that the spacecraft was having a problem, the shaking of the craft, the failing instrument panel and delayed ability of the control staff to determine what if any problem was actually occurring. Once he caught his breath and began to look around, he found there was a gas leaking from the capsule. Once he located where the problem was they could begin to formulate a plan to rectify it.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      The commander identified the problem and immediately began working toward a solution. I remind myself all the time; relax, look around, make a call. Calm is contagious.

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      Jon Thompson

      The mission commander looked at what the priority was “right now” and evacuated the command module for the lunar module. He abandoned “convergent thinking” in this approach (“the module isn’t big enough for all three of us”)and then implemented the necessary protocols to get the module back to earth.

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      mmChris Eklund

      He identified the problem and prioritized an order of events leading to a successful resolution rater than trying to only jump to the end state.

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      Jesse Laintz

      What did the Apollo 13 Commander do to begin the Problem Solving Process?

      In Apollo 13 Jim Lovell, the Commander, was played by Tom Hanks, who started the problem-solving process by first identifying what the problem was. He looked beyond the symptom, the explosion, to what was the causing factor was. Upon the identification of the problem the Commander then started to prioritize the events that needed to follow.

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