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      mmWayne Griffin

      The Director of Apollo 13 was presented with a problem with the CO2 cartridges. He realized that this was not his area of expertise, and tasked the three individuals with coming up with a solution to the problem fairly quickly. The staff knew the task at hand, quickly sprung into action realizing failure was not an option.

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      Anthony Kies

      The CO2 problem from this movie Clip was a great way to describe and establish the demonstration of a team leader who was a very established in being an effective Problem Solver. The team leader was able to recognize the problem and new that with the CO2 problem there had to be a fix as soon as possible. Not only did he have an open mind to conversations as what to do, he was very straight forward on his expectations. These two skills spoke very nice to both divergent and convergent thinking.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      My key takeaway from the CO2 problem movie clip is the Murphies Law of combat always applies. When something can go wrong it will. They never anticipated that the problem would arise and when they realized the filtration systems were incompatible. They had to find a way to make a square filter fit in place of a round filter. They had to achieve this only with items the astronauts had with them in space.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      My takeaways were the level of emotional IQ displayed during a very intense and stressful incident. There was a “no-fail” attitude amongst everyone involved and tasks were prioritized and handled accordingly.

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      Jon Thompson

      The humility displayed by the flight director….he’s in charge but admitted that he didn’t have the expertise to fix the problem so he immediately turned to those on his staff with the knowledge. His leadership was on point, as he imbued his staff with a “no failure” attitude as well.

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      mmChris Eklund

      The director surrounded himself with individuals he trusted to be able to work through problems at his direction. He utilized good leadership principles to draw out their potential to accomplish the mission.

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      Thomas Carroll

      The director created a team work atmosphere by assembling and soliciting subject matter experts for input on the problem. The team was empowered and not micro-managed.

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      Jesse Laintz

      What are your key Takeaways from the “CO2 Problem” movie Clip?

      The flight director was very humble and know his limitations by admitting he did not know how to fix the problem. He asked for the help of his subordinates to help fix the problem. By getting help from those that did know how to address the issue. The empowerment of his staff leads to, failure is not an option, attitude.

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