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      Anthony Kies

      I would have to say that my greatest leadership strengths would be the ability to work side by side with those who I supervise. Just as I have learned throughout much of tactical leadership module to now the operational leadership module there is much difference between supervision and leadership. I believe that I have the ability to listen to my employee’s and allow them to freely communicate upwards just as we do downward. Showing them that we realize in this profession there are ups and downs especially being able to relate to similar flaws that they have done and showing them that you can overcome anything and I am here to help them in anyway I can. I don’t ask them to do anything that I myself wouldn’t do, however I have no problem explaining to them that in fact the reason I need them to accomplish a specific task might be because they can do it better than I and that’s okay. I believe that I know my limitations and allow my team to know what my limitations are which shows the importance of the team and that it can’t be done without all of us working together.

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      David Allen

      I believe my greatest leadership strengths are my ability to communicate effectively, ability to motivate others, and self-accountability. I have always been able to communicate well with others and I get along easily with almost everyone. I think my strong communication skills has helped me greatly throughout my career because I’m consistently used by my command staff to put on public presentations, be the liaison with federal agencies, and take on low performing deputies. Since being promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Team Commander I have been able to keep those around me motivated to perform at high levels. Each unit or shift I have supervised has always led in production and efficiency because I was able to exploit the strengths of the individual. I’ve always prided my self on holding others accountable and holding myself accountable. I allow those that work for me to provide constructive criticism back to me which has helped me grow as a leader. Everyone that works for me enjoys the fact that they can meet with me and tell me how they really feel. Because of this open communication I believe it makes them feel empowered and they also feel they know where they stand with me. We are only as strong as our weakest person and supervisors are only successful if there team is successful in their individual endeavors.

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      mmWayne Griffin

      I believe that my greatest leadership strengths are honesty and trust. Without these two things, you can not and will not be an effective leader. There are many other leadership qualities that a good leader should possess, but for me these two are the most important.

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      mmDrew Leblanc

      My greatest leadership principal that I hold dear is the value of creating new leaders. If I am not making new leaders then I am failing as my job as an effective leader. Leadership will change throughout your career, and your ability to effect positive leadership principals is a must.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      I believe my greatest leadership strength is the ability to motivate subordinates. I have found that I must constantly adapt my methods to accommodate the diverse range of operators I work with. Cultural and generational and personal differences can make the process challenging. There is no blanket method to getting through to the entire team as individuals. Not all of them are self motivated to the degree necessary that they don’t need to be pushed. The carrot and the stick works for some and leading them by example may work for others. The ability to adapt to the situation and motivate the team members can sometimes be a challenge.

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      Lance Bolinger

      I believe my greatest leadership strength is my desire to succeed in the position. I use stories and analogies a lot as my background was in the Training Unit of our police department and I believe this is how people learn and retain information. If you recall the scene from Armageddon, they are talking about Bruce Willis’ Character, and at the apex of the movie they describe his character stating “[he’ll] do it. I know it. he doesn’t know how to fail.” That is my goal when I came on the SWAT Team over 10 years ago to be that level of dependable that people know we will succeed, because we are going to work at it until we do. I know this is an impossible feat, but my goal and my greatest strength is to work towards never failing!

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      Max Yakovlev

      I believe my greatest leadership strengths is recognizing and executing priorities, while pushing towards culture of excellence with humility. Leading from the front is a big deal to me. I will not ask my teammates to do something that I have not done myself or willing to do at any given time.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      My strengths would include staying calm under pressure and being able to problem solve in a variety of environments. I believe I also strive to consider input from others and look at the “big picture” when making big decisions.

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      mmChris Eklund

      My greatest leadership traits have come through training. Being able to take the time to not only show a concept or tactic, but also explain the benefits and possibilities so there is a true understanding and confidence in what is being trained. Confidence is also gained through the expression of competence. Showing a true knowledge for something versus simply going along with the normal practices and not knowing why goes a long way. Humility also helps to build the trust of others by showing there are always things to improve on. Reaching to outside sources for information and training loans credence to my leadership traits. At the point I believe I know it all is the point when I should remove myself.

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      Adam Bradford

      As a leader, I believe I have multiple strengths, however, I feel I have weaknesses as well. The question is asked, what are my greatest leadership strengths? I will start with the ability to make a decision (decisiveness). When tasked with a problem, or when I encounter a problem, I feel I am able to come up with a solution, even though it may not always be the absolute correct decision, as leaders it is imperative we understand the ability to execute on command. I am also receptive to the opinions of others, specifically those I am tasked to lead. The ability to be receptive when dealing with an evolving problem is absolutely a key component in being an effective leader. The next strength I would like to discuss is “unselfishness”, as leaders one needs to realize it is more about the men or women we lead and ensuring they are motivated and taken care of. A selfish leader would not be able to understand this concept, as a selfish leader would care more about themselves rather than the people in their charge. Without writing a short novel, the last thing I would like to touch on is “humble leaders”, I believe I am humble, as I know one can always improve and learn from others. As a leader, it is important to understand this. If we as leaders think we know it all and whatever we say is final, we will lose all respect from our subordinates.

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      mmJake Stoll

      My greatest leadership strength is my ability to detach from a situation and see it from a virtual distance where all sides become more clear. This greatly helps in quickly making decisions early on in a situation, which steers my team in a proper and efficient course. Another leadership strength I possess is the ability to remain calm during stress. This allows me to make rational decisions and provide logical guidance rather than being wrapped up emotionally in what is going on.

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      Jon Thompson

      I think my greatest leadership strength is my willingness to seek input from those who may have more knowledge or information about a particular tactic or situation. I spent several years away from the team between my stint as a member and then returning in a command role and things have definitely changed! The strong leader must be willing to swallow his pride and be willing to learn from even the newest SWAT-cop.

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      Adam Bradford

      I believe I am open to suggestions and criticism. As a leader, it is important to understand that people you lead are also going to have ideas, some of which may be better with your initial idea. The other, open to criticism, in my opinion, is a trait much lack and needs to work on. If you can’t allow others to criticize you or point out your imperfections, which we all have, I think it is important for you to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are a leader or want to be. Another aspect of leadership is the ability to make decisions in a stressful environment. I believe this is a trait, that overtime, I have developed and have the ability to execute with minimal delay.

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      Thomas Carroll

      I have always been one that took pride in professionalism and mission accomplishment. Fortunately, I have been successful in developing a sense of responsibility among my subordinates to do the same. Therefore I believe my ability to set the example for others to follow would be my greatest leadership strength.

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      mmChristian Rogers

      My greatest leadership strengths are integrity, commitment, and humility. I am a very honest and open leader with the people that I supervise and work alongside. I am a very committed and driven person. Whether it is my primary position (DB Supervisor) or SWAT ATL, I am always committed and focused to the current tasks at hand and always looking at ways to improve and make the units better. Lastly, I am a very humble person. I never let my ego get in the way of my decision making and always allow others to voice their concerns and opinions.

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      Tony Ferro

      I believe my greatest leadership strengths are humility, Self-awareness, and courage. To have the ability to say I’m sorry is humility, saying I don’t know is self-awareness, and to say you need help is courage.

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      Diana Clevenger

      My greatest leadership strength is that I am a good follower. I believe in followership, I follow peers, subordinates and people in positions of leadership. By being a good follower I am malleable, teachable and generally learn from others experiences. I am teachable, when I make mistakes I try to not repeat the mistakes, and share experiences, lessons learned with others.

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      Jesse Laintz

      What are Your Greatest Leadership Strengths?
      Hard to judge one’s self without sounding arrogant, but here we go, I would have to say it is sound decision-making skills. These are critical to the success of any program, department or team. In the business of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity such as law enforcement this is important.

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      mmBrian Behrend

      My greatest leadership trait is selflessness. I always put others before myself. I learned in the Army that the priorities are the mission, my men then me. I place the needs of the mission and my men way before any thought of myself. I believe that I demonstrate this every day and it is my greatest leadership strength.

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      Nick Sprague

      I would say my greatest strengths are communication and empathy, but they haven’t always been strong. It has taken making many mistakes and there have been many educations in humility to get where I am today with my communication and empathy. It’s very fitting that in this module we are reading Start with the Why because I read that book years ago and that changed how I communicate and look at others, thus strengthening my communication and empathy skills.

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      mmShawn Wilson

      I believe one of my greatest leadership traits is adaptibility. Having worked in law enforcement for 16 years with prior military experience I have learned to never become static in my continued education and operational changes and continue to be motivated. From my experience this becomes contagious to those around you and positive effects begin happening. Never become stagnant in your position.

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