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      mmWayne Griffin

      I think trust and confidence in the leadership of a team is everything. If the guys don’t trust the SWAT Commander, Asst. SWAT Commander, and Team Leaders you can not and will not have a efficient well functioning team. There will always be some drama or underminding going. Trust and confidence is essential in the business of SWAT.

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      mmDrew Leblanc

      Trusting in leadership is a crucial component of success, but we can break trust into separate categories. Trust can be gained from team members seeing future leaders who have actively engaged in the SWAT process or making the right decisions. I do not think that all command leaders have to be SWAT operators, but if they are not I do think the must surround themselves with key leadership that will make them successful. Trust is earned every day, and it only takes one thing to lose it.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      If the teams leadership is not competent and confident they will not have the trust of the team. Without the trust of the team membership they will not be able to inspire team members to work toward accomplishing the mission, whatever it may be. Place stress and danger in the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. All failures are leadership failures.There is not such thing as a bad team there are only bad leaders. Just like the Bad News Bears were just a mob on the field, good leadership can bring the team together to accomplish the mission.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      Trust is huge for any organization, but when dealing with team environments it’s everything. Trust affects decision making, stress levels, efficiency, and overall cooperation from each individual. Any personnel issue or problem that arises within the team must be dealt with as soon as possible in order to maintain consistency.

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      Anthony Kies

      Trust and Confidence- sets the grounds for what our team is built on. We as a multi-jurisdictional team answer to a board. The commander attends all training’s and currently still completes the physical agility with the guys/gals twice a year. Our trust and confidence comes from being part of the team. The bigger picture is that nothing leaves training and training isn’t ended without questions that are worked out. The hardest thing in a department is the drama created by mouths running. The easiest way to end that is remove the problem and the rest of the team will treasure that.

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      mmChris Eklund

      Without trust and confidence there is no leadership. Both need to be earned not expected.

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      Max Yakovlev

      Trust and Confidence is the foundation of leadership.

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      Adam Bradford

      Trust and confidence it one of the most important aspects of leadership. As a leader, if you do not have trust and confidence in your Operators, and vice versa, missions will have extreme difficulty and mass confusion. This is a two-way street and is developed in training.

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      Jon Thompson

      I believe that a leader have the trust and the confidence of his subordinates to lead effectively. This is often based on past experiences of the team in respect to the leader. If my team doesn’t trust me, they won’t think that my decisions are sound. If the team doesn’t have confidence in my abilities, they will probably second-guess each move I make or may not employ it as effectively as I mean it to be.

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      Jesse Laintz

      Trust and confidence are important for any team, it is more important with leaders and subordinates, but it is multiplied by thousands when it comes to tactical operations. Operators that are facing an adversary need to have no doubt in their mind, it should not even be a glitch in their mind, of whether or not to trust their leaders. If this is a case that operator needs to address the issue with their command, try to fix the issue, and if not leave the team.

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      mmShawn Wilson

      Trust and confidence will make or break a small unit

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      Thomas Carroll

      Unfortunately I have experienced this first hand. I was a member of a team that lacked confidence and trust in our leadership. Without analyzing all of the issues the bottom line is the leadership was rendered insignificant which reduced the team to a fragmented group of clicks with different priorities. There was no unity of effort or focus of effort. Trust and confidence in leadership is staple for success.

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