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      mmWayne Griffin

      I think one of the most common leadership problems in law enforcement is failure to get input from peers but more importantly subordinates. The younger officers are a great source of information. Some leaders fail to use this valuable asset just because they are not seasoned officers. The younger generation can be great when it comes to the utilization of technology among other things. They also tend to think outside the box. I think when applicable we should definitely get their input on things.

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      Anthony Kies

      The most common problem for leadership in law enforcement is the lack of interest by those who have been employed for several years and are supervisors. These supervisors do just that, they supervise. There are several good ones, but the reason there is a leadership problem is because we “as an agency” allow toxic leadership to stay in place at the supervisor level and ruin moral in a department. Failing to act as a Chief or Administrator can cause great moral issues within an department. It ruins respect with subordinates and causes work performance to decline due to poor leadership. We have to be able to be firm and fair if we want to keep high spirits within an organization.

      Another strong issue again is the inability to attend/train personnel in a supervisory position on leadership. Most think that you either have it or you don’t and there is a very small belief that you need to learn how to be a good/great leader. This mentality does create a problem and things seem to stay sub par due to administration having the belief that they can just get over it this is how it is gonna be. This in turn shuts down communication and creates an us vs them atmosphere which is toxic to an agency.

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      Jeffrey Brown

      I believe the most common leadership problem in Law enforcement is the tendency for leaders to make choices based on their personal career. Doing the right thing is sometimes very difficult and can cause difficulties. Time after time we see Chiefs caving to the politicians and pandering to the news media. They are politicians and must act like politicians to stay in their positions. As commanders, we must choose our candidates and key leaders wisely, provide them with the best training and then lead them. As a team, we can take credit for the great things we accomplish. As leaders, we need to own failures and mistakes. Bad leaders only take credit for the good and cast blame for the bad.

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      mmJacob Taylor

      The most common leadership issue I see is the disconnect between upper management and patrol. It is critical that those “in charge” spend time with those working the streets. Blame-shifting and excuses for poor leadership decisions will cause distrust and morale will suffer. Be available to your people and own everything.

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      Max Yakovlev

      I think the most common leadership problem is the idea that you have to know the answer about everything and staying relevant. I think as a leader you must understand that people that do the job “boots on the ground” know more than you do and you should take their input and ideas and help them make the decision. The idea that a leader must stay relevant is also important. Things like “when I did this 10 years ago” we did it like this. Laws change, tactics change, society has changed. If you are not keeping up or staying relevant let the people that are make the calls.

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      mmChris Eklund

      One of the most common leadership problems in law enforcement is there are many people put in place they should not be. Promotions should be more based on performance and merits, and less on tests. Certainly there needs to be a way to ensure technical knowledge. Far to often people are promoted to positions because of a test score. Unfortunately, because someone is in an assignment to let them study more or they are good test takers does not make them a good leader. These types of promotions seem to lead to a loss in morale, lack of confidence, and may lead to good leaders choosing to stay where they are.

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      Jon Thompson

      I think the most common leadership problem seen in our profession in recent years is a lack of moral courage. Whether it is to take time after an OIS to state that an investigation must proceed, rather than immediately hinting that there were violations of law, or simply making a decision and articulating the reasons for that decision and then standing behind the decision, officers need–and want–their leaders to have moral courage, to do the “right thing” in the face of combative members of the public, politicians and media. I don’t think it is realistic to expect that our leaders will “always have our back,” but I do expect that I, as a leader, will gather all of the necessary information before making a decision, rather than bending to the whatever political wind is blowing.

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      Jesse Laintz

      Discuss the Most Common Leadership problem in Law Enforcement.
      Again, I am going to go a little different here and go with politics. There are a lot of issue that we face in law enforcement that can be traced back to a root source of a political nature. This is especially true right now with the turmoil approaching an election year. Most of the political issues that arise come from politicians and lawmakers in the state government, and the county officials. These elected officials receive concerns and complaints from their constituents and act upon them. In many cases this is the squeaky wheel getting the grease. The loud minority is being overheard by the silent majority. It’s vital for these officials and law enforcement official communicate and work with one another to obtain the best results for their communities, sadly this is not happening in some places. The state government makes decisions on budget issues that reflect on the local level and impact law enforcement.

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      Tony Ferro

      Keeping a closed mind to different way of doing things. The “Our way is the only way mentality” Check the ego and the door and keep an open mind.

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