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Preson Pierce

The simple answer, “No” I don’t believe you have to hold a title to take a leadership position. Leadership comes in all forms and styles and nowhere on the list is a title to give them “official leadership.” To be in a leadership position often means you hold some type of standard or knowledge and/or held in high regard by people around you. Standards can be the way you present yourself or how you hold yourself accountable (integrity), how you treat other people (respect), and the dedication you show to the job (hard work / determination). Knowledge can be from training, education, or past experiences. All of these are what starts people down the leadership path, whether formal or informal.
As informal leaders go about their careers, they may step into an official leadership role where they are “crowned” with a title. The challenge in those circumstances is to remain true to yourself and your believes and remember who you are and where you came from. For those informal leaders, as they go about their career, its important to remember who is watching and seeking their advise and to always recognize the importance they bring to a team. Ultimately, leadership in any position (formal / informal) is critical to the success of the mission and to the team.