Jesse Laintz

Take a few minutes to list some good as well as bad biases that you have experienced in your past incidents.

When it comes to a bias or a lack of a neutral point of view or a tendency to lean in a certain direction, either in favor of or against a particular thing I have few that come to mind.

The first bad bias that I have is that of technology. I have historically not been a fan of technology because it always seems to fail when you need it the most. How many times have your coms failed, the drone battery dies when you need it most, or the robot gets stuck and you are now on a robot rescue mission? Because of this, I may not want to use it as often as I should and I try my best to remember that technology is keeping our people safe.

The first good bias that comes to mind, others may think that it is bad, is that of the operators that we have trained and their ability as patrol offices. I think that our SWAT operators are better street cops because of what we have taught them and the standards that we hold them to.