Jesse Laintz

What did the Apollo 13 Flight Director do to Come-up with Alternatives? Did the NASA Culture Support Divergent Thought?

In Apollo 13 Gene Kranz, the Flight Director, was played by Ed Harris, and when he needed solutions to get the astronauts home after the service module exploded he needed solutions to answers that were unknown and unthought-of of until that point in time. In other words, they had to accomplish the unthinkable and work outside their normal. To accomplish this Kranz allowed people to think freely, brainstorm, and work with people outside their normal respective teams. The teams were very diverse instead of single-task orientated. I am not sure of what the NASA culture was during this time, but I would think the culture would support divergent thought. NASA is always working on the unknown and trying to accomplish things that have not been done yet, so generating creative ideas and exploring many possibilities to a solution would be important NASA, you would think anyway.