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Jesse Laintz

What Leadership Values do You Embrace?

I am going to try and do something a little different and go with technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills all come together as critical traits for a leader. Technical skills are those that you are proficient in such as firearms, emergency vehicle operation, or report writing. A tactical leader need to be well rounded member of many things. He needs to be able to know about everything listed on the NTOA training website, but they do not need to be a master of any of them. Interpersonal skills consist of negotiations, active listening, and being able to connect with people on all levels inside of the agency as well as outside. With the millennial generation coming aboard this is more important now. A leader needs to communicate well with everyone around them and have the knowledge and ability to recognize how certain people communicate and what their work habits and abilities are. Perhaps the most important skill is conceptual skills. To have goals and a vision for every facet of the job.