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Diana Clevenger

There is no need for a title to hold a potion of leadership. The expression leadership at all levels is true even in the school yard. From a young age children decide who sets the rules for a game, who determine who is int he game, what the outcome is for winning. A leader in a law enforcement agency is established some by the individuals hired and some by the culture of the organization. Is the leader developed, coached, celebrated for leading or are they isolated, kept out of the group. I have had the privilege during my career to supervise professional staff and sworn staff. IN multiple assignments the professional staff employee had great influence over the culture and work product of the team. In one environment the employee was stellar, held herself and others around her to high standard, made all of the work about the mission the team and morale was high and productivity was good. In a similar work group with a professional staff member who was toxic the work stalled, employees (officers and professional staff) were disenfranchised. Once the bad leader, even a administrative staff member left, morale improved. Morale courage to lead through challenges and do what is right by your cops, your community and your City is always the right way to lead.