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mmRian Shea

Jonathan, I could not agree more. We, especially those of us from the tactical realm, feel our decision making cannot be matched. After years of experience, we can make our way through critical incidents well enough that our confidence grows to cockiness. For most of us, our tactical teams are a secondary assignment. Therefore, we are looked to function at a high capacity in our primary jobs. From our tactical team, we recently had a member promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. At Sergeant, he was in a specialty position for many years and away from the patrol function. I serve as a Lieutenant in the same district as him. As a Lieutenant, he supervises one sergeant and ten deputies. Recently, another Lieutenant called him to make him aware of a call his platoon had mishandled. He told the other Lieutenant that the Sergeant was on scene and to take the problem up with them. The Lieutenant was baffled by this new Lieutenant reaction when confronted with a problem on his shift. He simply did not want the problem associated with him since he is a probationary Lieutenant. Get your ego out of the way and take responsibility for what happens in your platoon.