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Joshua Crews

I hate these types of questions. I would much rather talk about my weaknesses, as those are easier to identify. If I have to identify what I believe my strengths are, I would have to say passion. The problem is, it can also be one of my weaknesses as well. I love people, I love helping people and being asked to help. I love my job, I have loved every aspect of my job from the beginning. This is the only job I ever wanted to do and I have exceeded any expectations of advancement that I ever had. My passion for people and my job has made it natural for me to want to be the best at whatever task or assignment I do. With that said, it is easy for me to lead from the front. I will not ask my people to do a job that I have not done or am not willing to do. My passion to be the best version of myself for my people is the reason why I’m in this command academy. As I stated earlier, I have to keep that passion in check, but it can be my greatest strength if managed wisely.