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Jesse Laintz

What Leadership Challenges Agencies Face These Days?

There are a lot of topics to talk about here, so I am going to go a little different here with change. Tactical teams and law enforcement agencies work in a constantly changing environment. New laws are created every year. New case law is released on almost a daily basis. Evolving trends in crime and the way they are committed, especially as technology expands and develops require new strategies to combat against them. The public’s perception of crime is heavily influenced by the media and is ever changing. Not to mention the financial and political issues that affect agencies and can only be considered stable at best, for very brief periods of time. These changes affect the law enforcement agency, its personnel, the community and the government. Because of these constant inconsistencies law enforcement agencies must begin to think, act and learn strategically. They must utilize this insight and develop effective strategies to adjust to the changing environment. Agencies must create a process for implementation and adaptation of these strategies. To accomplish this, coalitions within the system should be established that are structured enough to adopt these strategies and ensure their implementation, which will ultimately create public value.