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Michael Welch

My greatest leadership strengths are integrity, humbleness, and the ability to see the strategic picture. While I never claim to be perfect, I always strive to do the right thing. When I make a mistake, I am humble enough to acknowledge the error and smart enough not to make that mistake again.
I also don’t let ego get in the way of learning. If I am not an expert at something, I will defer to the person with expert the power. This is especially true as the commander of a SWAT team. I know the Team Leaders and Sergeants are closer to the action and more versed in the best tactics for a particular objective. When planning a mission, I allow them to develop the plan and I only ask questions when I need clarification.
I feel my job is to support the team on a more strategic level. I ensure they have the best equipment and training we can afford. Usually this means forcing a member of the executive staff into financial submission (of course I’m not always successful). I strive to build relationships with surrounding SWAT teams, in order to share training and experience. I am also on a constant path of learning and trying to improve this craft called leadership.