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Fletcher Crimbring

I do not think I could pick just one common problem in leadership, as it varies from department to department or division to division. However, if have to lay out two things that I have seen on repeat during my career it would be this. First is a general lack of clear expectations from supervisors. Without clear expectations laid out then how can you expect the folks under your charge to do the right thing or fulfill the job. Second would be a lack of consistency. I often see leaders being more lenient with some over others. Reasons I have seen the inconsistencies include but are not limited to the following: more lenient with senior officers, more lenient with friends or people they have known a long time, lack of knowledge by the supervisor causing different answers at different times, etc. The most common reason for the inconsistency primarily comes back to my first point, there are not any real clear expectations laid out by these leaders, which is the most common issue I have seen.