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Ryan Qualseth

I’ve been able to gain trust (greatest leadership strength) in subordinates and leaders above me through a combination of the following traits:
1. Experiencing a wide range of positions and knowledge in those areas
2. Speaking respectfully, but honestly to persons above and below me during times of crisis or decision making. Explaining “why”
3. Maintaining calm during calamity.
4. Acknowledging mistakes openly and without reservation
5. Allowing subordinates to operate in their “lane” after I’ve given them instruction on the parameters I wish them to operate in. (not micromanaging)
6. Developing and maintaining quality personal relationships with those I supervise. Friendship isn’t required, but having personal connections/conversations about what subordinates feel is most important to them and their situation. Get to know their ethics, moral compass and motivations, both professional and personally.
Although all of these traits are important, I’ve developed #6 much more in the later years of my career. I always believed 1-5 were the most important, but as I got older and gained more introspective, #6 may be the most important to gaining/maintaining trust