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Jason Delbert

After reading everyone’s thoughts I feel everything has been explained well and all of us face the same problems no matter the size or location of our agency. I would like to add from my own experiences at a small rural agency. Power over others is a big issue, we send our administrators to all these leadership and management schools and what I see is when the return the forget everything they are taught and never employ anything learned. We have a set program of training for supervisors when appointed from Sergeants on up. These are the same schools our department heads attended early in their careers but for some reason as they move up “Power” becomes more important. When younger supervisors return from these same schools and try and implement what they have learned they are quickly shut down with the old “I’m the boss just do what I say” statements. We must do better at promoting true leaders and not just promoting high test scores and who has the best relationships in a department.