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mmDavid Siver

After reading through the posts, I think everyone has hit just about every area where we struggle in our profession. One area or problem I don’t think I saw in the posts is in regards to the Management by wandering around theory. It is mentioned in several books, one that comes to mind is Dr Jack Enter’s “Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization”. Dr Enter addresses many areas where we fail as leaders but the one area that doesn’t cost much Leadership Capitol is the MBWA theory. Imagine is the Chief or Sheriff gases up their own car as opposed to a Fleet worker. That is a missed opportunity to interact with your people.

Another area that is beyond frustrating for me is as you climb the ranks not being out with your people seldom or at all. I understand everyone is busy, but make it a regular event to hit the street for an hour twice a month. Show up to a call for service with your people. Hit roll calls or line ups the same way. You don’t need to be there everyday as a Commander but I would assume most of the folks on this thread can immediately think of people in your organizations that either are around or are never around! Leadership is a Verb, it’s difficult. It takes daily discipline and hard work. If it was easy everyone at the top or organizations would be rock stars!