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Adam Bradford

As a leader, I believe I have multiple strengths, however, I feel I have weaknesses as well. The question is asked, what are my greatest leadership strengths? I will start with the ability to make a decision (decisiveness). When tasked with a problem, or when I encounter a problem, I feel I am able to come up with a solution, even though it may not always be the absolute correct decision, as leaders it is imperative we understand the ability to execute on command. I am also receptive to the opinions of others, specifically those I am tasked to lead. The ability to be receptive when dealing with an evolving problem is absolutely a key component in being an effective leader. The next strength I would like to discuss is “unselfishness”, as leaders one needs to realize it is more about the men or women we lead and ensuring they are motivated and taken care of. A selfish leader would not be able to understand this concept, as a selfish leader would care more about themselves rather than the people in their charge. Without writing a short novel, the last thing I would like to touch on is “humble leaders”, I believe I am humble, as I know one can always improve and learn from others. As a leader, it is important to understand this. If we as leaders think we know it all and whatever we say is final, we will lose all respect from our subordinates.