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Shawn Combs

I think one of my greatest leadership strengths is patience. This has saved me several times as a first line supervisor when something goes wrong. My first reaction is to bring the officer(s) involved in and start questioning them from my perspective. Over the years, I have learned to slow down and instead ask them what happened and why. This way instead of just immediately reprimanding them, I gain complete understanding and then can make a more informed decision. Instead of rushing into things, I now have a tendency to fully evaluate, to include soliciting input from those around me. This is, obviously, not always possible in situations when decisions need to be made quickly. But, most of the time, as a leader you do have the time and it saves frustration and confusion to be patient in my approach.
Another strength I believe I have is credibility. Credibility is vital to leadership. If those you lead do not see you as credible, they will not take you seriously. Most officers that fast track to supervision are not seen as credible and only gain compliance due to the title they hold. It makes it easier to hold the officers accountable when you can say that you are still holding to the same standards and have served faithfully in the position that they are for some time.