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Jeffrey Brown

I believe swat officers are more inspired by leaders who do not hesitate to get down in the dust with the operators. They know a leader who is willing to sweat it out with them, no matter what the task, is someone they will likely want to follow. No one really cares what you have done in the past, they want to see what you are capable of now. So show them. If you can’t do the work it is time to move on. The ability to shift gears and move back to command mode is difficult. I have had to resort to locking my gear away in certain circumstances in order to make myself remain in command mode, rather than team leader mode. But the troops have no doubt that the boss still has the ability to get in there and work. I would say my strength is inspiring the operators to push themselves, whether it is in training or pushing toward the objective during a mission. I have found the transition from team leader to commander challenging.