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Anthony Kies

I would have to say that my greatest leadership strengths would be the ability to work side by side with those who I supervise. Just as I have learned throughout much of tactical leadership module to now the operational leadership module there is much difference between supervision and leadership. I believe that I have the ability to listen to my employee’s and allow them to freely communicate upwards just as we do downward. Showing them that we realize in this profession there are ups and downs especially being able to relate to similar flaws that they have done and showing them that you can overcome anything and I am here to help them in anyway I can. I don’t ask them to do anything that I myself wouldn’t do, however I have no problem explaining to them that in fact the reason I need them to accomplish a specific task might be because they can do it better than I and that’s okay. I believe that I know my/our limitations are allow my team to know what my limitations are which shows the importance of the team and that it can’t be done without all of us working together.

One of the greatest things I believe I use daily as a leadership strength is the ability to communicate. I am very forward on my expectation and I believe that I should know what my subordinates expectation are of myself. I keep an open communication with all of them.