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Anthony Kies

A great leader has to be both credible and ethical. I believe these two value complement each other very nicely and allow a leader to be respected. For a leader to be credible he/she has to be able to be trustworthy, loyal and accountable to decisions that he/she makes. A credible leader is someone who is respected and will be a driving force to productivity in an agency. As a leader I strive to make decisions based on facts. For instance a leader who promotes a friend up the ranks when it is apparent that the friend is not qualified or there are better applicants will ruin his credibility as a leader. Thus, that leader will not be credible within an organization and in fact ruin moral within an agency.

An ethical leader is also of upmost importance. For a leader to be ethical he/she must show this in and out of work. This is important as this follows the same path of integrity. A leader must always do what is right even when no one is looking. That is what will make distinguish you from a supervisor to a leader. You will demand respect based on your daily actions with out even trying. An ethical leader, even when making a tough decision, will be supported by subordinates as long as they are making an ethical decision. Lack of making a ethical decision will ruin your credibility and will in turn make your leadership toxic and will have the potential of bringing down an agency.