Anthony Kies

Good mental shortcuts tend to drive the development of our SWAT operations due to our training and experience. This pushes toward the cognative thinking process which speeds up the our process due to the learning development and experience which we have gained over time. These shortcuts at times do disregard policies, go against the grain but have a means to a very effective end.

The bad mental shortcuts is where I would say the assumptions come into play. This is where you haven’t taken the the time to break down the methodology in which you want to advance in and have just made a knee jerk reaction that will haunt you in the end. Yes at times there is still a successful outcome, but that type of outcome is referred to as an outcome based incident. These incidents need to be learned from as to not happen again and know that you have just put more effort into Good mental shortcuts due to a bad decision. This happens, but we need to limit this as much as possible.