Anthony Kies

Good Biases:
Knowing that this is the team which was handed to me, I in turn keep moral as high as I can and tend to believe that there 100% teamwork in all we do.

Bad Biases:
Same as above only I believe that the team doesn’t have problems with personality as we are adults and should have this figured out by now. My ignorance is what leads to this bias and in turn sometimes puts me behind the 8 ball when dealing with a problem because I chose not to see one.

Good Bias:
This mission is simple so just do what you train to do and there is nothing to this we have done this several times.

Bad Bias:
Me the (Commander)… Lets do a limited penetration on the C side of the residence on the back door and since we are short entry guys we will use a few Snipers to take control on this team and make this happen. The fail is that fact that I didn’t train the snipers to complete this type of a mission and I had a blue on blue issue that could have went bad! My assumption that when I asked if all were understanding of this they said yes, only to find out they didn’t want to be embarrassed and they really didn’t know.

Anthony Kies