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mmKevin Coggins

Don’t know that I can write anything that hasn’t already been posted. I have experienced much of the same problems, including leaders with lack of experience and not enough common sense to listen to those who have done the job for decades, supervisors concerned with personal liability and getting promoted instead of doing the right thing, and showing favoritism. These things echo in my mind when I am hesitant to take a leadership position. I feel too often people who would be great leaders don’t want the headaches. They either don’t have the support of upper management when they make decisions or they just love doing their job and don’t want to give it up. I have also worked for a leader that was hesitant to train someone as a successor for fear they were trying to take his job. These things concern me and motivate me to not be that person. I’m not saying that I am a great leader, just that I want to be. Good experienced people have to step up and take on these roles to fix some of the problems. I learned as much about leadership from experiencing poor leadership as I have experiencing good leadership.