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mmKevin Coggins

My greatest leadership strengths are my experience, strong character, and my ability to be a good follower. My experience over the years has included successes and failures, both kept me humble and motivated to become better. I have always been one to put myself out there and try to learn every job on the team. My strong character helps me build the trust I need as a leader, it has gotten me through difficult situations in life. My ability to stick to my values and beliefs has helped me earn trust and respect of others, even if they didn’t agree with my opinion. Being exposed to a leadership position at a young age I learned quickly how difficult it can be, this motivated me to become better. I had the privilege of working for some really great leaders over the years and tried to learn from them and emulate them as best I can. By being a good follower I learned the importance of knowing the mission, helping carry out the mission, and working hard to get the praise of my superiors and respect of my peers. While peoples motivations are different it does help me to remember what encouraged or discouraged me as a subordinate.