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David Allen

Honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm are important values that I embrace. Honesty and integrity are not only important values to embrace in our job but these values are equally important in your personal life. Officers should not have different values at work than in their personal lives because the we are law enforcement officers all the time until we retire. Anything we do off-duty can effect us at work and we are always being watched and scrutinized by the public so honesty and integrity are important. If those you lead see that you are doing the right thing even when no one else is looking they will have the respect for you that is needed to be a successful team. Enthusiasm is important in order to get the job done and make the job enjoyable. To many officers get caught up in the “this is bull####.” Good leaders keep their people focused on the mission and don’t allow their staff to get caught up in worrying about things that they have no control over. Enthusiastic leaders are able to keep people motivated and keep them from focusing on things they cannot control and focusing more on things they can control like their attitudes towards a controversial issue. These are the leadership characteristics that are important to me.