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David Allen

I believe my greatest leadership strengths are my ability to communicate effectively, ability to motivate others, and self-accountability. I have always been able to communicate well with others and I get along easily with almost everyone. I think my strong communication skills has helped me greatly throughout my career because I’m consistently used by my command staff to put on public presentations, be the liaison with federal agencies, and take on low performing deputies. Since being promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Team Commander I have been able to keep those around me motivated to perform at high levels. Each unit or shift I have supervised has always led in production and efficiency because I was able to exploit the strengths of the individual. I’ve always prided my self on holding others accountable and holding myself accountable. I allow those that work for me to provide constructive criticism back to me which has helped me grow as a leader. Everyone that works for me enjoys the fact that they can meet with me and tell me how they really feel. Because of this open communication I believe it makes them feel empowered and they also feel they know where they stand with me. We are only as strong as our weakest person and supervisors are only successful if there team is successful in their individual endeavors.