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mmChris Eklund

My greatest leadership strengths have come from my ability to first become a student. Beginning with my military time and later to a line unit member and young SWAT operator and counter-sniper, I began to immerse myself in the tasks and knowledge necessary to complete missions effectively. I was sure to not only be a student of the basic tasks, but even those that seemed menial. For example, in addition to learning how to be a consistent rifle shooter, I also took time to learn that craft (Camouflage, range estimation, ballistics, etc.)

I also worked to become exposed to as many experiences as I could so I would be able to recognize common occurrences and respond in a timely way.

By adopting these working models, I have able to gain the trust of my subordinates through my competencies to where the student becomes the teacher. Now being a leader who strives to give my subordinates as much knowledge and experience as I can drives them to succeed in similar ways.