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mmMichael Diehl

This thread explores some very valid and interesting points. I must say I have seen and experienced many of the same things discussed. Might I offer another perspective that I have found to be a root issue in LE leadership. This may be jurisdictionaly specific, but has been an issue (I feel) within my organization for years.

The issue is one of selection. Rank (leadership position) is gained in my department by taking a Civil Service exam. Beyond that score, seniority becomes the next biggest deciding factor in who is appointed to a leadership position. This is incredibly flawed. We promote test takers and those who have been around the longest. There is no barometer or relevant metric for leadership in this model. Too often I have seen a “supervisors” authority undermined the moment they were promoted by virtue of their own reputation. Promotions that probably wouldn’t have been made if a more conscientious process was in place. I would much prefer to see a competitive promotion/selection process based on performance as it relates to leadership principles. Core competencies should be evaluated under circumstances that also test character and ones ability to actually lead.