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Randy Pollard

I believe that there are too many managers in organizations, and too few leaders. There are plenty of people in my organization that can efficiently do paperwork and fill out time sheets. Those who can inspire and teach are few and far between. I believe it is our duty as leaders to teach those we supervise to be better than us. For this reason, I believe that all SWAT Operators should be instructors in some aspect of our tactical discipline. The same goes for the Investigators I lead. I believe this instills a level of ownership in our organization. It allows them the opportunity to experience leadership on a smaller, more controllable level. When I first started with my department, there was only one individual that was qualified to teach all of the department in any discipline. Thank goodness we have gone through a long period of progressive leadership. Now the instructors are spread throughout the department. This gives ownership of the department to more of the deputies. It also helps to develop leaders.