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mmJohn Atkins


After reading your post I was reminded of a book I read on leadership that I found mirrored your personal leadership points, it stated that the four most looked for traits in a leader are in order; honesty, forward looking, inspiring, and competent. The highest trait – honesty is easy, just don’t lie! Truth is always respected, even if it is hard to hear. Law enforcement places as high premium on personal integrity, and rightly so, if you are thought to be less than honest you simply will not be trusted or willingly followed. Forward looking and competent just requires continued effort and engagement with all of your duties, paying attention to what the future possibilities are, and looking for opportunities to improve. The hardest of traits, I have found, is trying to be inspiring to my fellow peers and members of the community. People are inspired by different things and finding ways to inspire them is definitely a challenge, but professional and determined engagement in your duties, projects, and helping peers goes a long way to establishing yourself as a leader.