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mmJohn Atkins

In a self-assessment of my leadership strengths, I feel that my best leadership trait lies in that I try to do my best as a law enforcement officer in all my responsibilities and I have the respect of my fellow officers. I have loved my job since the first day that I stepped into our basic academy as a twenty-three year old green recruit. I feel that I was made for this profession and I still love coming to work and being a positive contributor to our agency. This love and enthusiasm shows in how I perform my duties and in interactions with my fellow officers. Over the course of my career I have experienced disappointments and successes, gone through a short term of burnout, and have seen close friends leave the profession due to these issues. I have managed to keep my perspective (most times) and remember the reason why I wanted to become a policeman in the first place – because it is the best job in the world and I still love doing the job. People respond positively to leaders that love their work and enjoy being in a successful team.