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mmDerrick Coleman

I am a young team leader. I have been in law enforcement for 10 yrs. I have 4 yrs. with the team. Our team had been dormant, prior to my 4 yrs. Early on, I was leading and really didn’t realize I was on my way to a leadership role. I had some idea of what leaders were, and I was aware of traits and qualities leaders possess however, I never consciously thought about being a leader, I simply conducted myself a certain way, trained and studied and worked hard. I tried to inspire, share, and step forward to accomplish task and the job. It wasn’t until my watch commander during a my evaluation session, that he pointed out that many officers follow me. Through my actions, training and work performance, management began to show renewed interest in resurrecting our SRT team, and tasked me with assisting in putting the team back together. I feel my greatest leadership strengths are diligence, a strong desire to continue to get better, and make others around me better. My willingness to share what I have learned from training, and mistakes. Honesty and integrity and willingness to do the right thing, moral courage. I feel my willingness to sacrifice for the team, the agency and the mission is one of my strongest leadership traits. My deep desire to continue to seek knowledge, trying to examine events to learn from and better prepare our agency and team, inspiring others to be better, communicating a vision, and a willingness to sacrifice, doing whatever it takes to get our team better are my strongest leadership qualities.