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Ryan Cunningham

I think my best leadership strengths are honesty and adaptability. Honesty not just with myself but with others, though my honesty can get me in trouble as I have a tendency to say what I am thinking regardless of who ask the question. Adaptability in that I am always trying to find new ways to do things and am willing to change and am not one who is all about doing things the way we always have just because others dislike the idea of change. I also am adaptable in how I can interact with various generations. I am a lot younger than most people in a senior leadership position of an organization, but i have the ability to communicate and operate with them. At the same time I am able to speak with younger officers in terms and media they better understand. It is the ability to adapt to someone who understands written memos with contingency and specific written policy to someone who prefers the twitter 140 characters version of instruction and policy.