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Jeffrey Brown

Many lessons I learned as a young Ranger have stuck with me. In my experience, you don’t need to hold a title to take a leadership position. Leaders will rise to the occasion in the absence of competent and competent “titled” leaders. In a best case scenario, a “titled” leader sees that he is not in the best position to call the shots. I have experienced this while on patrol on scenarios that are or will turn into SWAT call outs. Shift supervisors will routinely look to lower ranking SWAT officers and simply say what do you need. As a shift supervisor I don’t hesitate to let a patrolman who is an accident guru take charge with my support. On my team, like many, department rank does not necessarily mean title or leadership role on a SWAT job. Those that have shown competence and competence, as well as the trademarks of a combat leader rise to the leadership positions. If they lose the drive to excel, replacement is inevitable. As I said in my last post, development of subordinate leaders is key to future success and I think strong leaders that challenge their subordinates make the entire team and organization stronger.