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mmRick Ryan

I believe my greatest strengths are patience and maturity. I chose to wait to promote and progress throughout my career. When I did, I packed a strong work history with a very diverse work history. This foundation has allowed me not only accurately access my abilities (strengths and weaknesses), but also identify those of the many supervisors I have worked with/for. As a result, I have matured to a level that affords me professional relationships with much more senior level agency leaders. These professional relationships provide for my professional development and interaction at a level above that of my piers. I value the experiences and challenges over the title or pay. It has allowed me the humbling experience of being in a profession and position which I thoroughly enjoy. As a supervisor I keep my focus on the team goals, while simultaneously assuring the prioritized administrative tasks are completed. I, however, do not get overly agitated or frustrated at the inevitable mountains and obstacles the administrative process creates.