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Corey Odell

I feel my greatest strengths are passion and my ability to listen. I am passionate about law enforcement and borderline fanatical about SWAT. I feel those that I lead feed off of my passion and in turn my passions become their passions and we all push each other to be better in those passions. I do not pretend to know everything and try to listen as much as I preach. If one of my people know a better way or even different way that is just as effective I listen to their view points and try to implement their ideas as much as I can. It is my ability to listen and implement what I hear that helps those I lead not feel slighted or unheard when a situation dictates that I make decisions quickly without time for input from others. They know and trust my decision making process and know we will always have a productive debriefing session about the incident is resolved to what everyone (me included) can do better the next time we are faced with that situation.