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mmJon Brambila

In reading the different posts and response it is clear that many of us see many of the same problems in leadership no matter where you are in the country. The lack of good leadership is disappointing and what I have seen is that people do not have the courage to stand up and speak for those who cannot or do not have the courage to address performance issues with individuals. People are just not willing to take on the added responsibilities of being an effective leader and there are many reasons why. Lack of support from the Administration is usually at the top of most lists in that people do not want leadership roles when they know there is no support for them and they feel they are set up to fail. Servant leadership means putting your people first and then yourself and many times I see the opposite occur in that some “leaders” are only looking out for their best interest which makes them no leader at all.

I like the comment about preparing someone on the first day to take over for me, so many times in my career I have seen a lack of planning in my Department and a lack of preparing someone for leadership. Due to budgets and manpower issues the answer to sending the up and coming leaders to valuable training is unfortunately met with resistance and training loses its priority. I strongly feel that a good leader prepares his replacement well in advance and leaves a legacy behind which can be carried on well after that person is no longer in that leadership role.