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mmGlenn gordon

I feel that my greatest leadership strengths are, perseverance, honesty, decision making, and innovation. If you are willing to spend over two decades in any occupation, there has to be some level of perseverance, unless you’re just glutton for punishment. I’ve had the opportunity to lead some of my Airman through various situations where my whole reasoning for being in military law enforcement was questioned. I believe perseverance also ties in with resiliency. If they see their team leader willing to get help and bounce back, they’re more apt to do the same. Sometimes, I feel that I’m a bit too honest. I don’t have inappropriate outbursts or straight out degrade someone, but if I don’t like someone, my body language is hard to hide. Also, when senior leadership comes around, I’m often avoided because of my opinions. Which are not always all bad. And finally, decision-making. I really don’t have hang-ups about my decisions. I tend to press on, take it as a lesson learned, and not make the same mistake last time. But to my fault, I feel that I’m a little to analytical at times.