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mmGlenn gordon

I don’t believe you need an official title, per say. You can be a leader merely by your actions, presence, or the way you carry yourself. The most senior guy or girl on the team don’t always have a duty title matching their level of expertise. I’ve heard it referred to as being a sled dog. Team members who have found their niche within the organization and are completely satisfied with where they are. They don’t necessarily have the drive the team to fill a team leader role, but are no less competent to perform the duty if the need arises or tasked. Basically, these members rather run with the pack then lead it, and you need people with that mentality. If you have an organization that routinely rotates senior leadership through your teams so they can gain experience, you need to have that base. You have to have those members who are knowledgeable, and can speak intelligently about your team, its mission, and capabilities. Although they may not “officially” have a team leader role, they are still subject matter experts and their opinions shouldn’t hold any less value.