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mmGlenn gordon

In my opinion, the United States Air Force shares many of the same problems currently hindering civilian law enforcement. The issue I would like to address, and a personal pet peeve of mine is decision-making, or lack thereof. This isn’t exclusively an officer or senior non-commissioned problem, but it’s something I’ve noticed in the last five years. We have leaders who dismiss innovation opting to rely on, “That’s the way it’s always been.” That mentality can’t be allowed to persist in any organization. Poor decision-making kills innovation, perpetuates the status quo, ultimately causing burnout in your subordinates. I think the same can be said for civilian law enforcement, the Air Force is now attracting smarter and smarter candidates because we’re at a time where we can be a little selective. And quite frankly, need to be. Although personalities and varying generational backgrounds may cause some tension, we need to remember that these are our replacements. Perpetuating recycled mentalities is not beneficial to their growth. I’m by no means saying pander to subordinates, but actually take time and teach them processes concerning decision-making. Make them explain why they want change, provide them with alternatives, and potential consequences of their actions so they can understand the big picture and their niche earlier in their careers.