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William McReynolds

I think character, integrity, trust, and experience are leadership strengths I possess and always try to build upon. I have always had an internal “drive” or a determination to persevere, improve, learn, and share knowledge with others. It has been through that “drive” that I have continued on with trying to evolve as a law enforcement officer, as a man, husband, father, student, etc. I think one last strength is humility, and I see this strength as having two philosophical components to it. The first involves my simply accepting the fact that I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know everything, and that as a leader I am probably going to feel that I am in way over my head at some point. The other component is more encouraging, and tells me that even if my experience isn’t enough, I can utilize that drive and determination to persevere and endure and find the solutions to the challenges I face. I guess a more simplified way of saying this is that I just never quit.