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Jesse Laintz

Reading the question it would allude to the verb of leadership, describing an action, state, or occurrence. Not that of the word leader as a noun, which would confer someone or describing a role, a position or an office. Because of this I am going to take a little different approach at this by not give a leadership characteristic, but instead common problem that are facing law enforcement today; thus, resulting in problems facing leadership in law enforcement. A lot of this information is from an article that I read recently in Police One by Paul Cappitelli (2016) addressing the seven of the biggest issues facing law enforcement in 2016. With these seven being listed as the biggest challenges for law enforcement, they are also the seven biggest leadership problems for leader in law enforcement.
1. Anti-Terrorism
2. Body Worn Camera (BWC) Scrutiny
3. Civil Unrest
4. Criminal Prosecution of Officers
5. Federal Agency Involvement/Oversight
6. Recruitment and Retention
7. Social Media